Dumbbell Compound Exercises

Dumbbell Compound Exercises

Isolation exercises are not enough for our body as they work in the development of only one muscle and helps in the development of a single joint. Compound exercises works perfectly well on an entire muscle group and multiple joint ranges of motion. As a result of this, a high percentage of muscle mass gains can occur by engaging in this kind of workout. Barbells are the most common equipments used in performing compound exercises but dumbbell compound exercises are also becoming increasingly common.

A variety of compound exercises can be performed by using the dumbbells. It can be efficiently used to work on your chest, shoulders and triceps as well. You can lie on a bench with dumbbells just above your body and the palms should be facing your feet. You can slowly lower the dumbbells with your elbows bending and you can stop when your upper arms are parallel to the ground and you can repeat the same exercise at least 10 times.

There are several other varieties of exercises which can be performed using dumbbells which are an effective tool to bring about the desired results. Compound exercises are mostly tagged as those kinds of exercises which are performed at the start of all workouts. There is no age bar in performing these exercises and can be performed at any workout level. The main advantage of engaging in dumbbell compound exercises is that it is best suited for intermediate as well as advanced workouts as they offer fluid movements and they offer variety in any type of workout plan.

Dumbbell exercises are directed mainly on gravity and to get more out of these exercises, you can combine them with cables, bodyweight and machines which will offer a variety to your workout routine. You can also make use of magnets which can be attached to the sides of the dumbbells and this will enable you to increase the weight by 2.5 pounds instead of going for the 5 pound big leap. The tactic on which this exercise works is on the 'progressive overload principle' and this will enable the user to lift heavier weights in the long run.

Some of the effective dumbbell compound exercises are the Back Dumbbell Row, One Arm Row, Dumbbell Bent over Row, Decline Press and Dumbbell Pullovers.

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